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The factoring is an excellent alternative financing for SMEs. We must consider that in SMEs do not have broad access to the different resources of the bank, so in terms of financing their options are limited.In the vast majority of developed countries, factoring is one of the main sources of financing for SMEs.

In contrast, in Chile only 10% of SMEs use factoring. One of the reasons why its use has not been extended is that there is still a lot of ignorance of this product that in the medium term contributes significantly to solve the liquidity problems of SMEs. At the Factoringcompanyguide.com you will be having the best deal.

If you have questions about factoring and how it works, check this article to know exactly what it is.

Principals Advantages

A great advantage of factoring companies is immediacy. If a SME meets the necessary requirements to access factoring, it can dispose of and make use of this product in a

Matter of hours

But the benefit of factoring is not only liquidity; a factoring company is also responsible for collection. This supposes an important relief for the company.

Another undoubted advantage of factoring is the day-to-day relationship that is built between factoring companies and their customers (SMEs). There is a close deal of much dialogue in which suggestions, advice, etc. are provided.

One of the handicaps of SMEs is that their owners must dedicate themselves to doing a multitude of tasks, unlike the large companies where the range of steps to be carried out isshared with a greater number of workers. Therefore, in many SMEs their success or growth is diminished by the inability to perform a correct management due to work overload. Here factoring is an important support since it allows the entrepreneur to delegate an important part of the management in the factoring company.

  • In the factoring sector there is a great diversity of companies operating, which allows the entrepreneur to have breadth when choosing which factoring company wants to operate.
  • The electronic invoice has also improved the financing processes through factoring since it provides more speed and for the companies it means an increase in efficiency.
  • There are many reasons why having a factoring company can be a concrete and immediate solution for a SME.
  • If you are going to do a factoring operation, it is not only important to receive the flows, but worry about an expeditious communication with your executive and a good quality of service so that they can advise you and respond in case of non-payment

The Coverage of death includes natural or accidental causes and the disability or illness is covered, which must be total, permanent and exceed at least 66% disability.

If your company has or issues electronic invoice you can factor it through the Internet in 3 steps that do not take more than 5 minutes on our website, you only need a digital certificate from the internal tax service and you can transfer several documents together.