Hiring a Trained Team from Bodyguard Companies

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You may think that a team of professionally trained bodyguards is simply a group of individual bodyguards. This is true, in part; however, bodyguard teams are trained to work as a cohesive unit, and this makes all the difference in multiple scenarios with the right approach.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

The first thing to do is break down the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team. If everyone has a handle on their own tasks they can lend a hand elsewhere, hence the success of a team-based approach.

Working as a Unit

When everyone’s role is properly fulfilled the team works as a unit. Executive security training has prepared them to take on a scenario in formation while protecting their client. Bodyguard training clearly defines what the most important element of any job is; always keeping the client safe, and this requires more than just physical protection. You are responsible for protecting their reputation, oftentimes even from themselves.

A security detail is always the best bet for a VIP or other targets, because more eyes and more bodies mean more comprehensive protection.

All for One and One for All

Whether your security detail comprises anything from one to ten close protection officers, they are trained to use this to their advantage through strategically planned formations. Even a team of two will first discuss the needs of the client and determine the best course of action for all possible scenarios, always reverting back to their bodyguard training to analyse and deal with risks.

Two Places at Once

Bodyguard companies who provide security teams are able to provide protection on a different level. Having multiple close protection officers at your service with quality executive security training will give you room to plan your client’s security accordingly. For example, if the client is going from their hotel to an event, close protection officers can go to the location of the event to scout and prepare while the other members of the team escort the client to the location.

Having eyes in all locations at all times make teams with bodyguard training a valuable asset to any VIP. Contact us at Global Bodyguard Solutions for quality bodyguard services and quality bodyguard training.