The Basics of Hard Surface 3D Modeling – Tips for 3D Artists and Studios

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Do you want to extend the number of 3d modeling services which you offer? Read this article to know more about hard surface 3d modeling. The best tips from experts are here.

The Basics of Hard Surface 3D Modeling – Tips for 3D Artists and Studios

If you’ve ever played in video games, you should probably know what hard surface modeling is. It’s one of the most popular 3d modeling services as it’s commonly used not only in games but films and cartoons. Today we’ll find out some facts about this type of 3d modeling and share them with you.

What does hard surface modeling mean?

It means that a 3d visualization artist uses little details during modeling, which compose the entire mechanism. In this case, a modeler thinks not only about the final look of the robot or panel, but every detail should also be worked out.

– The mechanism shouldn’t contradict the existing laws of physics;
– A creator should be able to imagine how all parts and connected with each other;
– If we speak about the games all details are created with a purpose, they fulfil their functions.

Who creates such models?

Obviously, they’re realized by professional 3d modeling artists, but there are two common ways to find them.

  1. An outsourcing 3d art studio. Such companies are popular with large employers who’re interested in permanent development. The studios cooperate with game creators and animation studios. A good example is 3dreach. Their portfolio is full of hard-surface objects, so look at the website to get inspired.
  2. A freelancer. The internet is full of creative people who’re independent and have their own approaches to work. So, by visiting a few of the most popular platforms for freelancers, you’ll probably find someone who’s keen on hard-surface. Follow him or her on his or her 3d artist website to inspire with the latest projects.

The most suitable software

After spending hours on different websites, it becomes clear that the most popular program to provide hard-surface 3d modeling services is 3Ds Max.

This software helps in 3d modeling, animation and visualization. It provides users with simple and reliable modeling, high-quality visualization and effective 3d animation. Are you new to this program? Master it by finishing some online courses provided by Udemy, Lynda and Coursera.

3 Reasons to master new 3d modeling services

  • Hard-surface modeling won’t lose its popularity, as VR and video games are a part of many people’s everyday life;
  • It’s a good way to improve your accuracy and attention;
  • Add a new skill to your portfolio and wait for new clients.