The importance of the news

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There are more newspapers and weeklies, more TV channels and more radio programs than ever before. Are we all better informed than before? No, because along with the growth of the supply, information was also reduced to merchandise. General news about rising media stars and declining public interest and about the price we pay for all of this.

The penetrating influence of commercialization in the media sector has been tangible for some time in the South. Large corporations, managers of radio and TV stations, have invaded the living room and take hostages of viewers and listeners with instant information and cultural uniformity. Whoever tries to eradicate against that current must have very strong arms and is at risk for his life. With us, the consequences of this commercialization are becoming increasingly clearer. You see, hear or read what are offered as news and information.

Journalism in Today’s World

Today the journalist is the watchdog that the politicians have to keep in mind. Now that the depilation has been continued, expert sees more space for the press. Politics and justice have also been discredited and in this new framework journalists are today the guardians of democracy. According to experts, this is done by identifying the problems on time, by preventing the agenda of politicians and public opinion from diverging, by denouncing scandals and by making citizens more aware of the population. A noble task and at the same time a heavenly challenge. But does the press also work like that? Does the journalist have the space to perform that task? Or are there other forces in the game that jeopardize good journalism?

The Battle of the Figures

Since the beginning of September, the rivalry between top channels has been played at its best. The competition is fierce than ever.The daily and weekly press does not escape the competition. For the favor of the readers and the advertisers, it is necessary to be fought nowadays. The emphasis is no longer on the editorial but on the commercial competition. While in the seventies people stood out in the content-editorial and political-ideological field, today all the attention is focused on marketing and promotion. Additional attachments, theme numbers and special sections of the text bulge out the racks and mailboxes, because everyone wants to serve their target group the best.

The news has become a consumer item and almost all media try to increase their market share with the same tricks. The most important country is the interior. International news disappears or is reduced to minimal proportions. Foreign news is little read, so people shrink the space for those pages and they shift backwards. Newspaper editors, upholster their foreign contributions via international press agencies and copyright on some foreign newspapers, much less by contacting foreign correspondents themselves. Foreign news is second-hand news. Some newspapers have simply abolished their foreign editors. That trend was first visible in the large public newspapers, but now also continues in the quality newspapers. After all, they also respond to voyeurism in us.

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