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This is the question any entrepreneur has ever asked. To say that there is a single answer would be a shameless lie as the choice of a chartered accountant depends on your activity, your experience and also your personality. Here are some valuable ways to make your search easier.

There are currently around 21,000 companies or associations of chartered accountants, employing some 130,000 employees. When a company decides to choose hers, she is rather spoiled for choice. However, it is not a mistake, you will entrust him with your accounts, consult him on the financial and fiscal impact of your strategic decisions and sometimes even call him in panic on a Sunday so that he relieves you of a sudden “acute conjunctivitis of VAT”. An accountant is like a family doctor, he becomes a professional confidant whose casting should not be taken lightly.

The entrepreneur must first of all assess his needs

The accountant brings a wide range of services. It is a real Swiss army knife. He can intervene during the creation of company, in particular to help the entrepreneur in the administrative procedures, the elaboration of the business plan or the setting up of the financial and accounting system. Its presence is also crucial during the development of your business on accounting, tax and social issues but also on the management and monitoring of operations and processes.It should not be neglected also its role during a cessation of activity. Find the essentials now from

Obviously, we do not want this situation to anyone, but this type of situation results in particular accounting entries. Even during this difficult stage of dissolution and liquidation, the accountant can be a precious help in the storm.Often, when a young boss starts looking for an accountant several ways are available to him to choose.

To rely on word of mouth

The recommendations of your professional contacts often take precedence over the final choice of the accountant. According to an internal study of our partner firms, a client contacts a chartered accountant after three positive recommendations from his network. Naturally, it is easier to refer to one’s close network in order to know the reputation of the different firms. This is a relatively reliable approach but has two limitations. It is primarily restrictive, the accountant of your dreams may not have been contacted by one of your relatives.

Referring to a “short list” is a good way to reassure yourself, but sometimes the collaboration is not up to your expectations, and sometimes it takes a little time to realize it. At the beginning of collaboration between a company and a firm, a letter of engagement is signed by both parties with a commitment on the fiscal year.