The pitfalls of a bad installation

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A faulty installation may cause cold drafts, a malfunction also called Cohanda effect, which occurs when the cold air is not well mixed, then rises to the ceiling and goes down again.An air conditioner is a device that contains a refrigerant. This fluid, which carries within the air conditioner the calories and compressor oil, can be very harmful. If the safety rules are not applied to the letter, this can cause a leak, a short circuit, or even a fire. So, if you are not looking for these troubles, then you must be looking for an expert which is good at aircon repair singapore.

In order to guarantee the correct functioning of your air conditioner, you must, even before its installation, have chosen the model adapted to your house, its surface, the number of rooms, etc. Different models exist on the market.

Mobile air conditioners mono-blocks or bi-blocks

They allow without work and for a very reasonable budget to refresh a room of average size. This is a good solution for a room for example to spend a night in the cool and enjoy a restful sleep.

Split or multi-split air conditioners

The blocks can be arranged in different rooms and connected with the exhaust block positioned outside on a facade or a terrace for example. This is the most common and efficient cooling mode.

Window air conditioners:

They are mainly used in professional premises because they are not very aesthetic. They are composed of a single block that is integrated in a window so that the system can reject the hot air outside. The location of your air conditioner always plays a key role for its good use and its duration over time.


The power is to be studied according to the surface to be refreshed. Sound level of the device is more or less important. The air conditioner design is still an important criterion when it comes to his home. The difficulty of laying and the amount of work required, it is not always easy to undertake this work if you are tenants. As you can see, choosingan air conditioning is not easy. So, if you are thinking of making a call right now, you must know a good at aircon servicing Singapore, where we can offer the best.

After having carried out the heat balance of your home, it will not only help you to choose the air conditioner adapted to your situation, but also make you benefit from the prices and the manufacturer’s guarantee on your device.