Understanding The Uses Of Wire Mesh Demisters

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Knitted mesh manufacturers have produced a host of extremely useful products, one of which is what is known as a demister.

What are wire mesh demisters?


Demisters, also known as mist eliminators, are pads made from interlocked loops of industrial knitted mesh (some demister manufacturers also use plastic filaments). These demister pads can be installed in both existing and new structures to separate liquids from gases.


How do mesh demisters work?


As vapour passes through the demister it comes into contact with the wire mesh any liquid droplets present will make contact with the wire mesh. While gases pass through, the liquids will collect and coalesce into continuously larger drops which can be collected back into the system.


While the liquids are being collected and recycled into the plant/system, the pure gases will be allowed to pass without any liquid contamination. Also, high-quality demisters and coalescers made by demister manufacturers likeSMI Industrial are designed to perform this role while ensuring minimal pressure loss and flow restriction.


Depending on the gases and liquids involved in specific settings, demisters are manufactured from certain materials. These include materials such as polypropylene, stainless steel and nickel, to name a few.

What applications are mesh demisterssuited for?


Demisters have proven extremely effective in settings where water vapour is generated along with gases, as a result of cooling and other processes, but where water should not be allowed to pass further into the process. Some of the applicable settings include, but are not limited to:


  • Gas-liquid contactors (usually in distillation),
  • scrubbing systems, and
  • vacuum towers

Where can you acquire mesh demisters?

Quality demisters and coalescers can be bought from reliable, quality knitted mesh manufacturers like SMI Industrial. Get in touch to find out more about how demisters can be used in your own setting and what exactly you need for your specific requirements.