Why business processes should be prescribed in details

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There are many reasons to write the business processes in details. Use BPM tools for this like Appian alternatives here. It is possible to bring a lot of reasons why businesses that do not do that fail:

Insufficient competence of the head of understanding of business processes and unwillingness to penetrate into details;

Excessive trust in technologies (the mistake peculiar to many modern people).

As a result business process
which in the theory looks ideally turns out, at this or that stage begins to glitch.

The simplest and obvious exit – protect employees and treat them humanely. Determine adequate regulations of work, don’t exclude completely people from the business process, reduce the number of functions, for example, let them control, check and print out documents or carry out other auxiliary work. Shorten working hours, for example, make changes for 6 hours. People won’t overtire, all will manage to do in time, the process will be under control.

Of course, such an economy of means will be smaller in comparison with the complete refusal of participation in certain processes of employees. But you with guarantee will avoid many problems.
At the same time decrease in a load of employees with high probability in itself will make for your profit. The person who isn’t overloaded and manages to have a rest well works much better. He makes mistakes more productive, less often, is ready to approach creatively work, to do more and better.

If to force the person to work 8 hours in a row without breaks, then the working capabilities of one considerably fall. To force employees to work very hard is not only inhumanely, but also, in most cases, it isn’t profitable. People will leave or, in certain cases, you will be forced to dismiss them as they begin to perform work very badly as they speak about such employees, “burn out”. It is necessary to spend time and forces in a search of the new person, his training, and so every time. The fixed loyal companies employees will bring much more benefit and will cost less, than regularly changing personnel.