Why Cloud Storage Steps Forward with best Details

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Cloud technologies provide the user with a convenient virtual environment for storing and processing information that combines hardware, software, communication channels, and technical support. Storing information in the “cloud” in the presence of access to the Internet allows you to access it from anywhere in the world from virtually any device.

Finer Options for the Best Cloud Solutions

The convenience of the “clouds” has already been appreciated by users of large mail services – gmail.com. The cloud can be easily customized to suit your needs by acquiring additional space for storing information or, conversely, by discarding surplus. Working with cloud technologies allows you to quickly respond to the emergence of new business problems, reduces costs and increases the efficiency of enterprises and their divisions.

  • Such an approach to working with information can be recommended for both individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as medium and large businesses: for any scale there is an optimal business model. Small companies are primarily interested in the services of accounting and mail, applications for information exchange, recovery and archiving files. Larger organizations are interested in virtual servers and communication services, as well as a complex set of various services. IT startups use cloud technologies that enable them to serve a large number of customers without investing in the purchase of expensive computing equipment. Applied cloud protection tools today provide a high level of data security.

According to Rosstat, 30.7% of citizens who used state and municipal services in 2013 received them in electronic form. A large-scale cloud infrastructure was designed for the needs of e-Government inside the country. Top 3 “cloud” industries is as follows: 25% – IT and financial companies; 21% – retail; 13% telecom. What’s in the “cloud” for you, or the benefits of cloud technologies A number of advantages suggests that it is worth considering the use of cloud technologies for your business: Use of Internet services without the need to purchase servers, network equipment, UPS, air conditioners, licensed software. No full-time IT specialist is required.  With the Reliable Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore now the options widen up.

All this reduces the cost of working with information up to 70%. Connecting to cloud services can be made from any gadget that has Internet access, and it does not require special knowledge in IT. Data is centralized, which is more convenient than information distributed across different branches and computers. Expansion (or reduction) of a cloud service can be implemented by a specialist company provider at the request of the client within a few minutes.

It is also possible to independently manage the volume of “cloud” through a personal account on the operator’s website. Cloud services are designed with enhanced security and fault tolerance and are provided with technical support around the clock. The safety of cloud technologies and solutions can be confirmed by certification of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control. To obtain a certificate, products must be recognized as complying with the following standards: Requirements for intrusion detection systems. In addition, attention should be paid to TIER data center certification. This is an international certificate that assigns data centers reliability classes from I to IV. Optimal in terms of “price-continuity” are class III data centers.